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Auto's Is Our Passion

More than 54 Years,,, and our story is going


About Us

In 1964 Mr. Ahmad Tarkhan opened his first Auto Parts Shop In Amman -Almahatta area, His mission was simple: improve the distribution of auto parts to serve the people and businesses who increasingly relied on cars and trucks for their transportation needs.

start his communication with German manufacturer and established a strong relation to become one of the market leaders.

From his deep understanding to customers needs and market demand, focusing on the best quality and best prices major facts achieved today ,to become on of the leading After market wholesaler in Jordan.

Mid 80’s Mr. Ahmad starts partnerships with main after market manufacturer and become the official agent for many international brands ,from Germany, Italy, China, and USA,S.Korea & more to come.

Tarkhan & Son Ahmad Co. is a company which is strongly committed to providing superior products and services to our esteemed clientele. We believe in growing our businesses with our clients and one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is by sharing useful industry-specific information which aligns with our company’s initiatives.

Our Team

Our team spending a long time and the best efforts to ensures the best aftermarket parts, with high quality ,and  best prices.

Dealing with the best in Germany & Europe, Turkey , China, Korea.

our Team committed in helping our distributors sell our products efficiently by sharing tips on marketing strategies accumulated over the years. A strong, trusting partnership lays the foundation of a successful business

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a global client base with extensive experiences in meeting different needs.
  • We see our clients as partners and grow our businesses together.
  • We are involved in R & D to keep abreast of the automotive technology.



Our Mission 

We maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help to inspire, educate and solve your problems. 

Our Vision 

Tarkhan & Son Ahmad Co. aims to be a leading supplier for automotive parts at competitive prices. We are committed in helping new shops with limited experiences to develop their new business by providing wide range of spare parts from the best Brands.

Core Values

The core of Tarkhan & Son Ahmad Co. is shaped by the following values:

Value: We sell quality products at competitive prices.

Commitment: We ensure that our products are delivered on time and in good condition.